Only Flams Black/Orange Tee

£23.00 Inc. VAT

Only Fans is a cool and empowering website where people can monetise how hot they are. In this climate I wish I could make money doing this but I look like a turtle without its shell and my penis is hideously malformed.

A flam is a cool thing you do in drumming where you hit a drum with two sticks at nearly the same time. Think about the drum at start of Misery Business by Paramore or Doomsday by Architects. That’s a flam. I usually make money from playing flams.

As an objectively hilarious entrepreneur, I’ve combined the two things with a simple pun which should hopefully provide me with money for food.

Digital print on a Gildan heavy t-shirt or similar. Exactly like you would buy from the merch stand. No fancy label. No logo in the foam. Pump and dump. Penny stocks. You asked for this, I didn’t want to do it but people kept bootlegging me.

This is a Print on demand design, please allow 3-5 business days for production plus shipping time.